This is a book I introduce the first week of school and never stop reading all year. Its such a wonderful book to help younger students understand the importance of kindness. The books use a metaphor children can grasp for what it looks like to be nice to people, and how being mean makes other people feel. The idea is that everyone carries around a bucket. When we are nice to people it fills our buckets and other peoples buckets. When we are mean to each other it empties people’s buckets. This book creates a great anti-bullying program and promotes kindness and compassion.

I reread this book many times through out the year. Sometimes we read it every day of the week, if its one of those weeks. We talk about the ideas in the book a lot. Students talk about what fills their bucket and what makes someone’s bucket feel empty. We talk about what we can do to fill someone’s bucket. Often my weekend homework is just to do one thing over the weekend to fill someone’s bucket. On Monday morning students share what they did.

I loved working the book into my classroom set up too. One of my favourites is a display on the door so the students see it every morning when they walk in. On this one, students are asked if they have filled someone’s bucket today and there are lots of fun photos of them being good friends with each other.

Here is the book on Amazon